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Episode 1: What It’s Like to Be Your Brain

Have you ever wondered how electrical activity within your brain can give rise to the experience of a real world with you in it? In this episode, we explore how that is possible by putting ourselves imaginatively in the brain’s place.
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Episode 2: The ‘Hard’ Problem of Consciousness

Have you ever wondered what consciousness is and why scientists and philosophers have such a hard time explaining it? In this episode, we’ll try to see why consciousness is elusive and how we can understand it.
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Episode 3: The World as a Black Box

Have you ever wondered how it is possible that we can look at things from the inside or from the outside? Here we explore the concept of the black box, to understand what it means to be an observer.
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Episode 4: Truth By Definition

Some claims can’t possibly be true, while others can’t possibly be false. On the other hand, most claims that people make could be either true or false, and we are faced with the challenge to decide. Here we explore a particular kind of truth and its role in mathematics and science.
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Episode 5: How Do You Know?

We live in an age that craves precision and certainty. Even information can be measured scientifically. Yet, it is precisely in an environment polluted by disinformation and cluttered with junk information that there is the greatest need to ask: how do I know what I think I know?
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